Monkey Jump iPhone App Review

Here is our app review for the app “Monkey Jump”!


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Minecraft — Pocket Edition iPod touch App Review

Within minutes of Minecraft — Pocket Edition hitting the AppStore, I bought it. So far, it seems like a decent app with lots of room for improvement. As of right now, it is more of just a creative mode, with 36 blocks to place. There isn’t any “health” yet, nor are there monsters, creepers, mods, or day/night cycles. So what you start it up, you see three selection menus. You can hop onto a local wifi multiplayer ‘server’ and join with them and build some things. You can create a randomly generated world easily too and start a new world and begin creating things. When you mine things, nothing really happens. The block just disappears. You can’t gather the materials. You also can’t craft anything yet. With all this said, you can still build some fairly decent structures as the controls are very well done. Check out the video gameplay review below.

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Great App Gone Free!

Hey guys, just wanted to alert you all of a cool game that just went free on the AppStore! Here it is, get it while it’s free. (Prices may change at any time).

1.  Dude Perfect



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